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A Seattle firm that is outstanding in their field and stream

Filson is old school.  That is not to say they are old-fashioned.  Rather, they are a Seattle company that has been manufacturing premier quality outdoor wear in my home town for the past 114 years.  If you want gear that will … Continue reading

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I’ll just take everything in the showroom please

When you walk into the McKinnon Furniture showroom on Western Avenue in Seattle, what hits you first is the pleasing fragrance.  Wood.  Beautiful wooden dining room sets.  Handsome wooden bookcases.  Refined wooden wardrobes.  Cherry furniture, maple furniture, walnut furniture and mahogany furniture.  … Continue reading

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Made in my home town

This week I am will be featuring products produced by people in my home town of Seattle.  Once I began to research products made by Americans, it was really gratifying to discover how many firms in Seattle were making great stuff.  … Continue reading

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A Founding Father of the Made in America movement

I am relatively new to the cause of promoting the creation of American jobs by urging Americans to buy more American made products.  Not so with Roger Simmermaker.  Mr. Simmermaker has been sounding this call for many years.  His book, How … Continue reading

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It’s like sleeping on air. No really

Hiking has been a Briggs’ family activity for many years.  My father and I often hiked in the Cascade Mountains near our home in Seattle while I was growing up.  Now my son Benjamin and I carry on the Briggs’ hiking tradition each … Continue reading

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That’s one fine cup of joe

We all know about the Big Three, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.  Cars made by American workers.  We are familiar with Viking, Sub-Zero and Wolf.  Appliances made by American workers.  But ask the average American to name a coffee cup still … Continue reading

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The Ears have it

Finding electronics and stereo equipment manufactured by American workers is a difficult task.  However, a bright spot in this rather bleak American manufacturing sector is Sleek Audio.  Sleek Audio is run by Mark and Jason Krywko, father and son respectively.  Mark … Continue reading

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Made in America blogs

I am new to the blogging community and am still finding my way around.  I suppose my blog is best described as a “Made in America” blog.  I hope to connect with other people who are concerned with the dramatic … Continue reading

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No Chinese tools for you!

There is not a shortage of outstanding American made tools on the market.    One company producing great tools in the U.S. is Eklind.  Located in Franklin Park, Illinois, Eklind produces what I grew up calling Allen wrenches.  Eklind produces inch and metric Hex and Ball Fold-Up sets, … Continue reading

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“Made in America” websites

How often do you hear someone say, “Nothing is made in America anymore!”  That sentiment is understandable given the huge number of consumer products manufactured overseas these days.  However, there are still an amazing number of outstanding consumer products still made in the U.S. … Continue reading

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