That’s one fine cup of joe

We all know about the Big Three, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.  Cars made by American workers.  We are familiar with Viking, Sub-Zero and Wolf.  Appliances made by American workers.  But ask the average American to name a coffee cup still made by American workers and you are likely to draw a blank.  Most Americans assume that products such as coffee cups are no longer made on these shores.  Those Americans would be wrong.  Today there are affordable, stylish and rugged coffee cups, glasses and other beverage containers being produced in the fine state of Texas by ThermoServ   .

ThermoServ has been making coffee cups for over fifty years.  ThermoServ is located in Dallas and its President is Joe Betras.  ThermoServ produces an amazing range of products in the Lone Star State.  I discovered ThermoServ when I was in the market for a new coffee cup for work.  My local QFC in the University district in Seattle had a few Chinese made ceramic travel mugs for about $8.00, and a rugged blue grey ThermoServ mug for $4.99.  At that reasonable price, it was love at first sight.  My ThermoServ mug has been a loyal servant, keeping my coffee hot and cleaning up easily.  I now have my eye on some very cool stainless steel coffee cups ThermoServ also manufactures.

Though you may not have known it, you may have been drinking your game day coffee from a ThermoServ mug for many years.  ThermoServ produces many collegiate coffee mugs, be they the 16 oz Wisconsin Badger Odyssey tumbler, the Oklahoma Sooner Travel Mug or  the 20oz. Washington Husky Wide Body Stainless Steel foam Insulated Mug.  Go Dawgs!!!!

ThermoServ is an example of an American firm that is providing jobs to members of our extended American family and whose employees are producing first-rate competitively priced products that make our daily life a little bit nicer.  At least that is the way I feel as I sip my first cup of joe from my ThermoServ mug each morning.  But of course I do live in Seattle, so that feeling is understandable.  Bravo ThermoServ!!!

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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