A Founding Father of the Made in America movement

I am relatively new to the cause of promoting the creation of American jobs by urging Americans to buy more American made products.  Not so with Roger Simmermaker.  Mr. Simmermaker has been sounding this call for many years.  His bookHow Americans Can Buy American , is the seminal volume on the subject of “Made in America.”  How
Americans Can Buy American is now in its third edition.  Mr. Simmermaker’s website is well worth visiting.  It contains an encyclopedic list of companies making products in the U.S., as well as a recommended reading list.  Hats off to Mr. Simmermaker for all he has done and continues to do to create jobs for Americans in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at www.simply-american.com.
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1 Response to A Founding Father of the Made in America movement

  1. Dear tapirking,
    I love your site. I will definitely seek out “How Americans Can Buy American” by Mr. Simmermaker. I am also in search of another book that may interest you; “Make it in America: the case for re-inventing the economy” by Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical. Keep up the good work. -Jack A.

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