Good afternoon Dawg fans!!!!

What is more American than football?  Nothing, that’s what.  Football in Seattle where I live means Husky football at Husky stadium on the shores of beautiful Lake Washington.

My father was a professor at the UW medical school, so I’ve had Husky season tickets for something like twenty-five years.  Many Husky fans claim that the “wave” originated in Husky Stadium on Halloween 1981.  Husky Stadium has the record for the loudest game in college football history. During our 1992 night game against Nebraska, ESPN pegged the noise level at above 130 decibles, the highest ever recorded at a college football game.  After the Oregon game on November 5th, Husky Stadium will undergo a two-year renovation project.  The $250 million remodel will be the most expensive renovation of a sports facility in NCAA history.  God only knows how much the price of my two season tickets will go up to pay my share of that little project.

We are set to play the Cal Bears tomorrow and I am fairly confident that we will prevail.  Before the game tomorrow morning I plan to meet as many Husky fans as I can while they are tailgating in the north lot.  I will encourage my Husky brethren to join me in my practice of buying American consumer goods made by Americans for Americans.  By buying American shirts, tools, cars, appliances, furniture, messenger bags, purses and shoes, we can create new jobs in manufacturing for members of our extended American family.

When I shared my plan for tomorrow with Joe Betras of ThermoServ, the cup manufacturer I introduced you to the other day, he was intrigued.  I asked him if ThermoServ manufactured any UW Husky coffee mugs. Joe said they did.  When I asked him if ThermoServ would knock a dollar of the price of the UW Husky coffee mug for those people who called ThermoServ with a secret password available only on my blog, Joe said he would.  After much consideration, Joe and I came up with a classic secret password: “Vanessa”.  It just sounds mysterious doesn’t it?

So here is the drill.  To order the beautiful ceramic Husky coffee mug manufactured by Thermoserv you have to do two things, but they must be done in the following order.  First, call ThermoServ at 1-800-635-5559.  When you are asked what extension you want, enter or say extension 7374.  Second, when a real live ThermoServ employee in Dallas Texas picks up the phone, tell them you are calling for the ceramic Husky coffee mug deal, and then whisper the secret password, “Vanessa”.  They will take it from there.  After you receive your mug, you will have the satisfaction of knowing, with every sip that you take, that you did your part in keeping Americans working.  Now that is a smooth cup of Joe!

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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