Don’t be blue, you can buy “Made in America” jeans

The first pair of jeans I ever bought were a pair of Levis button front jeans.  I thought they were very hip, and wore them for years.  You can still buy Levis made in this Country if you are willing to shell out at least $175 a pair.  A little rich for my blood.  So, I am going to introduce you to some jeans that are made by members of our extended American family that are within my budget.

Pointer jeans has probably the coolest website; every time you visit it, a dog barks.    Pointer jeans are made by the L.C. King Manufacturing Co. of Bristol Tennessee.  L.C. King has been making jeans since 1913.  In addition to jeans, Pointer makes denim overalls, carpenter jeans, coveralls, and coats.  Pointer jeans cost about $45, or $51 if you are a bigger fella.

All American Clothing Company produces a wide range of denim jeans.  All American Clothing Company was founded by Lawson Nickol.  Prior to founding his firm in 2002, Mr. Nickol was working for an American jean maker who shall remain unnamed.  When Mr. Nickol discovered that his employer was beginning to outsource production, Mr. Nickol resigned from his old firm and founded All American Clothing
Company.  Today Mr. Nickol’s firm produces thousands of jeans per year and continues to provide many Americans with jobs at their facility in Arcanum Ohio.  All American Clothing Company jeans cost about $44.

Tied for most down home U.S. jeans company are Buddys ® Jeans and Texas Jeans.  Buddy’s Jeans were originally brought to the marketplace by Buddy Steverson
of New Hebron, Mississippi. Buddy’s work as a rancher and rodeo cowboy required him to wear jeans that would stand up to his rugged lifestyle.  Most of the jeans he encountered failed that test miserably.  So Buddy, like countless other members of our extended American family, decided that if he couldn’t find a product that met his needs, he would just have to make it himself.  Buddy manufactured Buddy ® Jeans for thirty-nine years.

Today Ms. Jane Little, a life-long friend of Buddy’s, is making Buddy’s ® Jeans. Ms. Little is happy and proud to make Buddy’s ® Jeans in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Buddy’s ® Jeans are made with an American-made 14 oz. denim, which was loomed exclusively
for Buddy’s Jeans. Buddy’s ® Jeans never need ironing, which is good because the only fellas who would ever iron jeans probably don’t live in the U.S. anyway.  You can get three styles of Buddy’s ® Jeans: the Original(slim fit), the Cowboy cut and the Relaxed Fit.    Buddy’s ® Jeans cost about $30.

Texas Jeans are made, wait for it, in Asheboro North Carolina.  This seems a bit odd to me, but you got to admit, Texas Jeans has a bit more oomph than North Carolina Jeans.  Texas Jeans are available in many styles.  Texas Jeans was founded by Wallace Thompson. Texas Jeans cost about $30.

If Buddy’s ® Jeans and Texas Jeans are down home, Todd Shelton is uptown.  Todd Shelton makes two types of jeans in California utilizing American denim and two types of jeans utilizing Japanese denim.  Todd Shelton is yet another example of reshoring.  Todd Shelton originally made their clothes in China, but decided in 2006 to move their production back to the U.S.  Like many American apparel companies, Todd Shelton sells their jeans online rather than in a retail outlet.  The jeans look really nice, but are by far the most expensive of my featured U.S. made jeans, selling at $118.

So there you are.  You don’t have to buy jeans made overseas.  Just buy the ones made here.

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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9 Responses to Don’t be blue, you can buy “Made in America” jeans

  1. Where in the world did you find American made Levi’s? I thought they were as rare as paprika flavored pringles. Don’t forget that there are other jeans found in retail stores: True Religion, Ernest Sewn, 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Raleigh Denim, and Doheny.
    Keep up the great work. -Jack A

  2. Linnea Lamar says:

    I just bought two pairs of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and they had “made in China” on the sewn in label. They don’t fit right any more either. So sad . . . . Guess they have changed.

  3. I love this trend, I will surely going to purchase one this season. I prefer cropped shirts and bluejeans; really warm and classy. Street clothing and glam grunge is so neat lately.
    Mike from american made clothes

  4. Geetar1870 says:

    The other day sitting outside the mall at macys I just got sick of throwing another 200 bucks to communist china and all the unethical US corps doing business there. For what my old man called dungarees. I decided to call Jane Little. Bam. In two days I had two of the best fitting jeans I have owned since the 1980’s. Somehow or another this is how revolutions start. One person says I’m not going to drink your tea no more, another person agrees, and before you know it, we have our country back from Goldman Sachs.

    • tapirking says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment. We all need to do what you did. If we all say, “no thanks” to Chinese made goods and instead buy American made goods, we can turn this Country around.

      All the best,

      John Briggs

  5. nearoffutt says:

    I clicked on Texas Jeans. All I found were small and fat sizes, limited mens choices and all on clearance. They going out of business or dtopping the line of mens jeans?

    • tapirking says:

      I don’t know, I need to check it out.

    • bob smith says:

      I’ve purchased Texas Jeans before and like them. I called recently and was told they are low on stock and would be restocked in a couple of weeks. Until they are restocked they are having a sale and most jeans are $19.99 so it’s a great time to buy if they have your size. Regular price is $29.99.

  6. USA made jeans are so neat! I love that you included a little history on the jeans and the importance of producing quality products in America. Quality shouldn’t have to be overpriced, and I agree that we certainly shouldn’t have to buy jeans made overseas. We can find quality at a good price right here in our good old America. I’m going to have to buy more authentic USA made jeans!

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