The President’s suit

Whatever your views on President Obama’s policies, I think Americans of virtually every stripe can agree on one thing:  the President is one sharp dresser.  And it isn’t a surprise since the President’s suits are made by members of our extended American family who work for Hart Schaffner Marx, a firm that has made suits in this country for one hundred and twenty-three years.  President Obama’s Hart Schaffner Marx suit is a two-button, single breasted suit jacket and a single pleated pant with inch-and-a quarter cuffs and is crafted in 97% worsted wool and 3% cashmere blend.

Hart Schaffner Marx also outfits America’s greatest heroes, the 87 living United States Medal of Honor recipients, with their own one-of-a kind blue blazer.  Since the U.S. has only awarded the Medal of Honor to 3,468 members of the U.S. military since 1863, these men are a class apart.  I urge you to visit the Medal of Honor website to read about their amazing acts of heroism.  The Hart Schaffner Marx  “Medal of Honor” navy blue blazer will be handcrafted in Hart Schaffner Marx’s Des Plaines facility and feature official MOH gold buttons on the front and sleeves, a special blue lining, the American flag on the interior utility pocket and a label personalized with each MOH recipient’s name.

Every man needs to own at least one suit, even if he doesn’t wear suits to work each day.  Imagine the number of jobs we could create in this country if each of us American men decided that our one suit would be made by members of our extended American family who work at Hart Schaffner Marx?  That is the power we have as American consumers.  Now we just have to start using it.

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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2 Responses to The President’s suit

  1. Hart, Schaffner & Marx were purchased in the last one or two years by Hickey Freeman. So, they are both the same company. In my most recent trip to New York City this week, I visited the NYC Macy’s and found something distressing, the shirts by Hickey Freeman were not made in the United States, but their suits were. I hope their shirt manufacturing is not all going overseas. In other bad news in regards to US clothing manufacturing, Ike Behar (shirtmaker) was bought out and now no longer makes shirts in the US. -Jack Ackerman

    • tapirking says:

      Jack: Thanks for the comments. Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman are owned by HMX, LLC, which also owns other brands such as Coppley and Bobby Jones, HMX LLC purchased the assets of Hartmarx, which included Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman, from bankruptcy in 2009. HMX LLC’s president and CEO is a wonderful guy who I have interviewed for my book Simply American. Mr. Williams is 25 year veteren of the apparel industry, having risen from an entry level position at Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation to become President of the firm. Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman are in extremely capable hands with Mr. Williams at the helm of these iconic American made brands.

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