Baby it’s cold inside

We are in the middle of the holiday eating season.  In order to get through this season, you need to have a refrigerator-freezer that is working at its peak efficiency.  Groaning under the weight of hams, Beef Tenderloin, massive pans of potatoes gratin, the shelves of your fridge better be up to snuff.  If your current fridge has recently given up the ghost and you can see the whites of your family’s eyes coming up the walk and they are all carrying casserole dishes, you need to rush out and get a new refrigerator.  And the good news is, you have a lot of U.S. made fridges to choose from.

Earlier this year, Consumer Reports published a nice article entitled “Which appliances are still American-made?  According to the article, Viking, Dacor, Themador, Sub-Zero and Wolf still produce most of their appliances in the U.S.  Other well known brands like Whirlpool, Maytag Frigidare and GE produce some of their appliances here and some overseas.  According to the article Maytag makes its top-compartment refrigerators in Amana, Iowa while Frididare builds 15- to 18- cubic foot top-freezer refrigerators in Anderson, South Carolina.

The Consumer Reports article raises a couple of interesting points.  First, you can’t really rely on brand name to ensure that you are getting an American made fridge.  You need to check on the individual model you are interested in to determine if it is made in the U.S.  Second, while the fridge you buy may be made in the U.S., all of its components may not come from this country.  As I discussed on an earlier post, to be labeled “Made in America”, the fridge would have to must be made here with almost all U.S. made parts.  For me, I guess “Made in America” is the gold standard, but I would certainly not poo poo fridges made in this country with some foreign parts.  Third, do you consider a fridge that is made in this country by a firm that is from Europe an American fridge?  I would.  What I am focussing on is whether buying the fridge will provide jobs for members of our extended American family.  That the profits may be repatriated to Oslo or Munich is not as much of a concern to me, but I may be in a minority on this position.

So if you need a new fridge, I urge you to buy one made in America by American workers.  If you live in the Puget Sound Region where I live, I highly recommend Albert Lee Appliance.  The Lee family has been selling great appliances for a long long time.  Albert Lee III is in charge now.  There are Albert Lee Appliance stores in Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Southcenter and Tacoma.  They carry a ton of Made in America appliances.

With your new fridge, you will be the host or hostess with the ability to turn out food of the highest quality this holiday season.  Just make sure you don’t place Uncle Sid’s smoked salmon platter on top of Aunt Mildred’s jello salad; it wouldn’t be pretty!

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I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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