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In this weather?

Seattle seems like a city singularly ill-suited to support a large bicycling community.  First, it generally rains here, every day, from about early October until about May 1st.  May is very nice, but in June it starts raining again until … Continue reading

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A sobering view of the future of manufacturing in America

It isn’t often that Thomas “the mustache of understanding” Friedman contributes much to increase my understanding of globalization or manufacturing in this country, but last week was an exception.  Mind you, it wasn’t anything he wrote, rather it as an … Continue reading

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Houston, I assume you have moved the rocket to the pad?

I have not spoken about how the Simply American book project is progressing for quite a while, so I thought I would issue an update.  Four of the approximately twelve chapters have been written and edited.  I will be featuring about … Continue reading

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I’ll take an Apple that is not so bruised

Boy, Apple was the center of attention this last week, but not in a good way.  The New York Times published an article this week documenting the less than sterling working conditions at the firms Apple hires to build its … Continue reading

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All American Home

As most of you know, Diane Sawyer and ABC News began a great series last promoting the sale of Made in America products.  One of the features ABC News did introduced the country to Anders Lewendal, a builder in Bozeman, Montana who … Continue reading

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If only you could see what I’ve seen with your glasses

The first thing to go on the road to decrepitude is usually the eyes.  So it was with me.  About four years ago I first needed reading glasses.  So I went to the optometrist.  This last December, I went in … Continue reading

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You don’t deserve to assemble an iPhone!

This weekend’s article in the New York Times about why Apple doesn’t manufacture its products in this country has generated a huge amount of discussion.  The not so subtle message expressed in the article is that Apple would make iPhones and iPads … Continue reading

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One mustn’t upset the Apple cart!

Over the last few months, I have questioned why Apple couldn’t assemble iPhones and iPads in this country.  Tim Worstall of wrote a piece on my iPad post saying the reason Apple wouldn’t move production back to this country is because … Continue reading

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But for the want of a belt

Now don’t get me wrong, I have adopted a few stupid fashion trends over the years; bell bottom jeans with woven leather back pocket panels was probably the nadir of my fashion life.  But that doesn’t hold a candle in my … Continue reading

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GM reigns supreme again

The New York Times reported today that GM reclaimed the world lead in car production this last year.  This comes only two years after GM emerged from bankruptcy proceedings. GM’s Chevrolet brand sold a record 4.76 million cars and trucks last year.  … Continue reading

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