I think it’s coming in for a landing!

Boeing and Seattle are synonymous.

Growing up in Seattle, it seemed like half of my buddies’ fathers worked for Boeing.

Lots of Boeing Engineers, some production line guys, one or two test pilots.

When Boeing decided to move its headquarters to Chicago, people in town were shocked.

Boeing has been battling Airbus for the consumer airliner market for the last couple of decades.  I have always sided with Boeing because Americans made Boeing jets while Europeans made Airbus jets.  No more.  Airbus announced today that it is finalizing plans to start making A320s at a plant in Mobile, Alabama.

This announcement once again raises an interesting question for people who want to support companies that are employing members of our extended American family: does it matter if the firm that is doing the employing is an American firm or a foreign firm?  Probably a more important consideration for me is who is making the components that are going into the products that is being manufactured in the U.S.  This issue comes up a lot in the discussion of what is the most “American” car.

I would like to know what you think.  Do you think it is better to buy the product of a firm that both employs U.S. workers and is based in the U.S.?  Or do you think its best to buy the product of a firm that employs U.S. workers and has a high percentage of U.S. made components regardless of whether the firm’s managment is U.S. based.  Please leave me a comment on this issue by clicking on the Comment button.

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About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at www.simply-american.com.
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3 Responses to I think it’s coming in for a landing!

  1. Jean Heagy says:

    I agree that any foreign company that settles its plant in the U.S. and hires Americans to do it..that is an improvement. As for components, I agree those should be made here also, but I think you’ve got a case. However, the best case scenario to me is Americans make their own cars and Americans buy their own cars. Then if you’ve got any left over, sell them abroad, but do not import cars here or even build them here, if at all possible. The global economy is a behemoth floating on a liquid economy which could sink at any moment. Keeping it afloat with ballast (money) only prolongs the agony. Nuff said.

  2. Pete from Baltimore says:

    If companies want to be “International”, thats fine.But they should then realise that many people like myself ,will not consider them to be ” American” companies anymore. So i myself will buy a product from a German company that is made in America, before i buy a product from an “american” company that is made in China

    Its interesting that many foriegn companies like BMW,Airbus,ect, can make products in America at a profit.But some American companies are “Forced ” [thier words] to go to China to make a profit

    Dewault/black and decker makes its demolition hammers and reciporcating saws in China. I used to know some of exectutives in that company[before most lost their jobs after Stanley Tools bought them out] .And they told me that they “couldnt afford to build their tools in America”. I pointed out that Milwaukee Tools still made their Sawzalls[reciporcating saw] in America[in Tennessee ] . And that Milwaukee still made the best Sawzall in the world[ the 15 amp one costs $200.But is worth every penny.It is way and above superior to any other Sawzall]. Milwaukee makes great sawzall blades in America as well . Their “AXE ” and “Torch ” blades are great ! And Bosch and Hilti make their electric demolition hammers in Germany[i own a German made Bosch.No demolition hammers are made in USA anymore] And German wages are far higher than American ones.

    The sad fact is that companies like Dewault are using their reutations as good brand names, to build crap in China. This is slowly destroying their brand names. I once rented a Dewault demolition hammer . It apparently cost around $500-$600. And it wa salright. But i ended up buying a German made Bosch for $700.And for a hundred dollars more than the Dewault, i got extremly superior quality. The German companies value quality and their reputations.So do some American companies.But too many American companies are destroying their reputations[reputations that took 50-100 years to build]

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