A little of this, a little of that

I like writing in-depth posts on great firms where members of our extended American family are making useful products we can use.

I like writing in-depth posts on subjects like outsourcing.

But sometimes I just want to unload a few little nuggets for you to consider.  So here it goes.

EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener

Lots of people say, “I would buy American, but American products are soooo expensive.”  To those people I say, “How about a sturdy U.S. made can opener for under $10?”  Well you can buy an EZ-DUZ-IT U.S. made can opener for $9.95.  We all need can openers in the kitchen, so when the time comes to replace your old can opener, consider buying an EZ-DUZ-IT.

American made VW Passats

I wrote earlier about VW’s decision to build a brand new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Well it seems that VW’s Passats made by members of our extended American family are selling like hot cakes recently.  That is great news for VW’s American workers in Tennessee.

American Made Blazers

If you are in the market for suits made by members of our extended American family, you should always first check out Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman.  But I just found out about some new blazers being produced on our shores.  They look pretty nice, I have to say.

The products featured in this post are just three of literally millions made by members of our extended American family.  A lot of Americans want to start “Buying American”, but they don’t know where to begin.  Well guess what?  They probably have already begun but they just don’t know it.  Most Americans already own some American made products.  My Honda Accord?  Made in America.  Your Toyota Camry?  Made in America.  I would love you to leave some comments about American made products you already own.

Now if you want to increase the number of American made products you own, you can start small.  Buy an EZ-DUZ-IT can opener.  Ten bucks.  Have the bristles on your broom frayed?  Buy a Libman broom.  Ten bucks.  Although this week you can get a real deal on Libman at RiteAid.  Need some socks?  Buy Wigwam crew socks.  Three pair for eleven bucks.

If you want to jump into your “Buy American” effort with both feet, buy an American made car.  The Passat featured above would be a good choice, but virtually any car you could possibly want to buy is made here.  The Big Three obviously.  But also Honda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, yes even Mercedes.

So just get started.  Because your little effort can have a big impact.  We can generate demand for products and that will lead to American manufacturers hiring more workers to make those products.  That’s just what happened at Allen Edmonds.  Given their increased sales over the last few years, Allen Edmonds has hired over two hundred new workers.  This phenomenon can be repeated at scores of other U.S. companies if you and I make the simple decision to buy more cars, appliances, shoes, socks, shirts, pants, ties and scores of other products made by members of our extended American family.

So don’t forget.  Let me know about what American products you already have.  And let me know about what American products you plan on purchasing the next few weeks.  And if you need help finding an American made product, just let me know.  Now get shopping!

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at www.simply-american.com.
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2 Responses to A little of this, a little of that

  1. Kristen says:

    Great post, I had no idea some or all? VW Passats are made in the US. Very cool! A few of my favorite products made in the USA are my Hudson jeans and Tervis Tumblers.

    • tapirking says:

      Kristen: Thanks for the info. I am not sure whether all Passats are made in the U.S. or not but I would guess that all Passats for sale here are made here. Thanks for the intell on Hudson jeans.

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