It’s like visiting China without ever getting on a plane!

We were at Macy’s this weekend to buy a new mattress for my son’s bed.  Thankfully, almost all the mattresses being sold at Macy’s were made in the U.S.  The same cannot be said for the lions share of the goods sold at Macy’s.  This stems from the fact that so many well known “American” brands sold at Macy’s make all their stuff overseas.  I felt as if I had stumbled into a modern-day Grand Bazaar, located not in Istanbul but just outside Beijing.  What imports were on offer?  Where to begin?

Good old Ralph Lauren is probably as good a place as any.  You would be hard pressed to find any clothes with Ralph’s stupid little polo player logo on them that are not imported.  I went to Ralph’s website, entered “Made in the USA” and got quite a few results.  Most were very expensive shoes and the U.S. Olympic team stuff that Ralph kind of had to make in the U.S. if he wanted to continue to be the supplier for the U.S. Olympic team.  But there were a couple of other things from Ralph that caught my fancy.  How about Ralph’s black shearling Russian hat? A steal at $1950.  For that kind of cheddar, I guess Ralph figured he could hire a few Americans to sew his hats together.

Dockers is another “American” brand that Macy’s sells that isn’t really American at all.  For the fun of it, I went to the Dockers website and entered the phrases “Made in America” and “Made in the USA”.  The response to both queries was “We are having trouble locating a match for your search.  This should not have come as a surprise since I think it’s a pretty safe bet that virtually nothing with the Dockers label is made by members of our extended American family.  Heck, Dockers aren’t probably even made in China anymore, give those shameful wage increases that Chinese workers have been enjoying the last few years.  Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to unionize! Who could blame them?

What could be more American than Levi’s?  Lots of things it turns out.  The Levi’s on the Macy’s website all seemed to be imported.  Even the 501 Straight-Leg, Chalk Blue pair with a price tag of $98 were imported.

Is Macy’s a complete desert when it comes to American made products you ask?  Arid I would say, but not a complete desert.  You just need to know where to look.  Macy’s has a ton of American made mattresses.  And they have some great real American brands whose products are made by member of our extended American family.  Like Lenox china made in North Carolina.  I love Lenox’s holiday plate sets.  Macy’s also carries Fiesta, which is about as festive as a plate should hope to be.

So I encourage you when you shop at Macy’s to ask for American made products.  You can find them at Macy’s, but it will take some work.  And what better day to buy American made products than today, November 19th?  That’s because today is American Made Matters Day.  So get out to Macy’s today and buy some wonderful products like Lennox and Fiestaware plates for the upcoming holidays.  You will get great plates and you will know that your purchases helped provide employment for members of our extended American family.

Now get shopping!

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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3 Responses to It’s like visiting China without ever getting on a plane!

  1. Deidre M. Simpson says:

    I loved this and your tone! It’s part stand-up comedy, part public speaker. Macy’s has many low-wage employees. Thanks for letting me know to buy Lenox china. I’ll be sharing this article.

  2. Great article. It is something I face every day. When a lot of stores are going forward in embracing “Made in America”, I find that Macys is going in the opposite direction. In fact, last year, you could search the Macys website for items “made in USA”. However, over the past six months, they have disabled this feature. There is no way to know what “Made in America” products they carry, except by going to the store and looking at the label or going to the website, and individually click on each product to get to the details as to where it is made.
    Regarding Ralph Lauren, they make a few articles “Made in USA”. Definitely none under their “Polo” label. The best chance is under the RRL (Retro Ralph Lauren) which can be found occasionally at their flagship stores. Still, the US made is still a great minority.
    And regarding Levis, 99 plus% of their jeans are made out of the country. Last year, I found a couple of US made jeans at their flagship store in San Francisco, but none this year. I am not sure what Levi’s position is for the future as far as “Made in America”. -Jack A

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