My nether regions were revolting

Over the past two years, I have transformed my wardrobe.  Most of the clothes I now wear on a daily basis are made by members of our extended American family.  I wear Wigwam socks, Allen Edmonds shoes, Jack Donnelly khakis and Brooks Brothers shirts.  When I have to go to court, I wear Hart Schaffner Marx or Joseph Abboud suits.  All appeared well, at least on the outside.  But below, in the nether regions, there was trouble.

I have always been a boxer man.  Try as I might, I couldn’t find any American made boxers.  My nether regions were chaffing under the yoke of my foreign-made boxers.  They demanded change.  It was like the 99% protests all over again.  The nether regions wanted to get in on my Buy American campaign.  So I was overjoyed when I discovered that Flint and Tinder had begun to offer American made boxers.  I called the nice people at Flint and Tinder and asked them if they would ship me a pair of American made boxers to take for a test drive.  They gladly sent me a pair and all was well until I read the fine print on the boxers.  They were made from woven bamboo!  Memories of how itchy I would get when cutting bamboo flooded my brain.  My nether regions were particularly apprehensive.  I washed my Flint and Tinder bamboo underwear, and then gingerly slipped them on, awaiting the worst.

bamboo boxers

I am happy to say my fears about my bamboo boxers were completely unfounded.  They are incredibly soft and fluffy and I have experienced nary an itch when wearing them.  I was so happy with my bamboo boxers that I ordered three more pairs immediately.  My nether regions rejoiced as I sent my old foreign-made boxers packing.  While I was ordering my new bamboo boxers, I also noticed some very reasonably priced khaki style pants, so I ordered an olive and blue pair of Flint and Tinder tough slacks as well.

tough slacks

Ever since my Flint and Tinder bamboo boxers have arrived, my nether regions have been tranquil.  They no longer kvetch about being left out of my domestically produced clothing effort.   And that’s a good thing.  As everyone knows, if the nether regions are unhappy they don’t keep quiet about it.  And nobody wants that.

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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1 Response to My nether regions were revolting

  1. Great article. Flint and Tinder is one of those companies that started out being funded by Kickstarter. The have expanded from simply underwear to T shirts and hoodies. This is the first I have seen from Flint and Tinder – Boxer briefs. And I had not seen previously that they had underwear made out of bamboo. I think one other American company makes underwear made out of bamboo, it is called Bamboosa. I believe recently Flint and Tinder was working with Rambler’s Way in making some Henley shirts. -Jack A

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