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A sobering view of the future of manufacturing in America

It isn’t often that Thomas “the mustache of understanding” Friedman contributes much to increase my understanding of globalization or manufacturing in this country, but last week was an exception.  Mind you, it wasn’t anything he wrote, rather it as an … Continue reading

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Thomas Friedman’s interesting suggestions

Last month Thomas Friedman wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times on a bill in Congress meant to punish China for its alleged currency shenanigans.  Mr. Friedman urged that the bill be pushed forward in order to scare … Continue reading

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Flat Man

I read yet another op-ed piece by Thomas Friedman in the Seattle Times this morning.  In it Friedman repeats the idea that has been the subject of several of his books, that national boundaries are increasingly irrelevant to corporations.  He clearly … Continue reading

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