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It’s all about the clicks

WordPress, the blogging platform I use, provides me with all sorts of statistics about how many people view my blog each day, what posts they look at, what country they are from, how they got to my blog, etc.  But … Continue reading

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What children fear more than anything else.

The memory of them still haunts me. I would be in the middle of my summer vacation.  The vacation seemed like it could go on forever. And then “it” would arrive. The dreaded Back to School circular. Upon its arrival, my … Continue reading

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Coming to their senses

The allure of the Middle Kingdom is starting to wear off for American firms that offshored  their production.  As documented in a recent article in Bloomberg Business Week, all sorts of American manufacturers are reshoring their production to this country. … Continue reading

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Sitting pretty

Nothing makes you appreciate furniture as much as backpacking.  While backpacking, a lowly rock, stump or log suffices for a chair.  These chair wannabees seldom are stable, padded or particularly attractive.  Thankfully, I recently discovered an American firm making outdoor patio … Continue reading

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It’s in the bag

Being the casual kind of guy I am, most of the bags I have featured on the blog have been of a casual style:  Tom Bihn and Red Oxx come to mind.  But what if you want more formal leather … Continue reading

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Knit one, pearl two!

I just received a lovely new knitted wool hat from my mum.  My mum knits while she talks, as do lots of other knitters.  Knitting is an extremely popular hobby practiced by millions of people worldwide.  The Knitting Guild Association … Continue reading

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Tracking your personal trade deficit

Well, black friday is a mere ten days away.  The holiday spending frenzy is nearly upon us.  Americans spent more than $675 per person last year on gifts for family, friends and probably a few for themselves.  Clothes, shoes, electronics, … Continue reading

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The great tat challenge

I recently read a story in the paper about a fella who was undergoing the painful process of having a tattoo removed from his face.  I have never had the urge to get a tattoo, let alone a tattoo on my face.  … Continue reading

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Made in my home town

This week I am will be featuring products produced by people in my home town of Seattle.  Once I began to research products made by Americans, it was really gratifying to discover how many firms in Seattle were making great stuff.  … Continue reading

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